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PLOT mentors meet with mentees in their communities, providing real life guidance, direction, and hope.

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Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow

Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT)  is a mentoring program for at-risk youth between the ages of nine and twenty-one living in Brooklyn, New York. Many of our mentees were involved, or are at risk of becoming involved, in the juvenile or criminal justice system. PLOT distinguishes itself from other mentorship organizations by choosing mentors from the community with similar life experiences to PLOT’s mentees. PLOT’s mentors understand that a positive role model can maximize a youth’s potential for success.

PLOT was founded in 2013 by a group of caring professionals who comprise its Board of Directors and Advisory Board. At its center is a powerful young leader, Jim Saint Germain, PLOT’s founder and Chair.  Jim and Edwin Raymond (Advisory Board Member and New York City Police Officer) are the driving force behind the creation of PLOT. Both have overcome great adversity in their young lives and both have mentored many young men in their Brooklyn communities. Their passion for public service comes from their life experiences and their sense of personal responsibility to give back.  Each man spends much of his free time talking with young people in and around New York City. As a result of their dedication to the youth in their communities, PLOT was born.

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“Learn about PLOT and its mission to impact the lives of at-risk youth.”

Jim’s Journey


“An extraordinary story of a man who rose from an improbable place in life.”

WNYC Profile

WNYC Profile

“Jim St. Germain, co-founder of PLOT, joins Leonard Lopate to discuss his memoir, A Stone of Hope.”