PLOT Staff

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S. Chase Williams (Chase)

Mentor Manager
S. Chase Williams is committed to improving the current platforms used to connect, encourage, advocate for and reach youth from disadvantaged backgrounds within New York City. Chase is results-oriented and has a strong affinity towards mentorship, organizational development and capacity building. He has implemented programs and initiatives in both the not-for-profit and corporate sectors. Chase is an agile leader, team player and strong administrator.  He is skilled at designing curriculums and facilitating workshops, forming external and internal partnerships, and is a strong administrator. He thrives in culturally, economically and socially diverse environments.  Chase’s goal is to reshape the perception of the urban communities and to be a champion for closing the achievement gaps for students so that they may overcome inequities in education. Additionally, Chase also has experience in facilities management, grant writing, as well as developing original, creative programming with an arts focus.

Chase Photo for PLOT site

Aliya Bailey

PLOT Associate
Aliya attended Smith College where she received a B.A. in American Studies and a minor in Community Engagement and Social Change. At the center of her interdisciplinary degree program was the study of black history and culture and community-based learning projects. With over 400 hours of community-based service, Aliya has volunteered and interned with non-profits in Western Massachusetts and New York City and served professionally as a Fundraiser and Program Coordinator. Aliya currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.